Monday, September 28, 2015

Concrete Curb & Gutter and First Layer of Asphalt Completed. Landscape Restoration to Begin

Work Completed Last Week (Glenayre Drive):
·         Concrete curb & gutter installation
·         Fine grading of roadway
·         Rough grading of landscape areas behind cub & gutter
·         Paving of first layer of asphalt pavement
·         Asphalt driveway restorations

Work Anticipated This Week
·         Adjust manhole structures within the pavement
·         Topsoil installation
·         Fine grade landscape restorations
·         Sod installation
·         Perform miscellaneous testing prior to final asphalt surface
Thank you to all the residents along Glenayre Drive that have been without access to your driveways for almost 2 weeks. Your patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated. With the first layer of asphalt pavement being completed, the amount of dust will be greatly reduced, as well as providing a smooth surface to drive on.

The contractor will continue to perform landscape restorations and begin performing final project testing for the next few weeks. Once all inspections and tests have passed, sod installed, and other miscellaneous tasks completed, the final asphalt surface layer will be installed along the entire project site including Glenayre Drive, Glenridge Drive, and Glen Court.

Thank you again to all the residents within the project site has you have been dealing with the dusty conditions and rough roads for several months now. Hopefully, you are beginning to see the end of the light and pleased with the final project.

At this time, residents can begin contacting their irrigation and brick driveway contractors to begin having those items restored.