Monday, October 26, 2015

Sod Completed. Surface Paving this Week.

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Installation of topsoil and fine grading landscaped areas.
·         Sod Installation
·         Final Walk-through to find areas that need repair.

Work Anticipated This Week
·         Paving of asphalt surface
·         Making final repairs to items as identified with final walk-through.  

The paving of asphalt surface was pushed back to allow for sufficient time to get the sod restoration completed. A thin layer of oil will be placed on the existing asphalt surface prior to the final layer of asphalt being paved. Sand will also be placed on driveways and the roadway. This will help from tracking the oil on your concrete or brick driveways as well as help splattering on your vehicle. We do ask that you drive slowly over the fresh layer of oil.

Asphalt surface paving is scheduled for Monday, October 26th.  We will ask that you minimize your trips along the roadways and no parking will be allowed on the streets. Access along the streets will also likely be restricted due to the paving operations and number of trucks within the area.

Once the final layer of asphalt is installed, the major construction operations of the project will be completed with a few minor repairs and restoration items to be completed.

Thanks again for all your patience during these past several months you have been living in a construction zone.