Monday, August 17, 2015

Roadway Reconstruction on Glenridge and Glen Court Started

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Completed installation of storm sewer and storm services along Glenridge Drive and Glenayre Drive
·         Roadway layout / staking
·         Roadway excavation and aggregate base installation along Glenridge Drive
·         Tree Removal at Glen Court
·         All underground utility construction is now completed.

Work Anticipated This Week (Glenridge Drive and Glen Court):

·         Monday & Tuesday – Complete roadway excavation and aggregate base course installation.
·         Wednesday – Installation of String Line for concrete curb & gutter
o   Access to driveways restricted starting at 7:00 AM
·         Thursday – Grading and preparation work needed prior to concrete curb & gutter installation
·         Friday – Pour concrete curb & gutter.

The project has now moved into the roadway reconstruction phase. It is anticipated the roadway excavation and base course installation will be completed along Glenridge Drive and Glen Court near the middle of this week, with concrete curb & gutter installed prior to the end of the week.

With upcoming concrete curb & gutter installation and asphalt paving, we are requesting all residents along Glenridge Drive to have their vehicles removed from their driveways by 7:00 AM on Wednesday, August 19th. Residents will be able to access their driveways by Friday, August 28th, allowing 10 days for construction operations. Following concrete curb & gutter installation, the roadway will be graded and the first layer of asphalt pavement installed prior to access to driveways restored. We will be sure to keep all residents informed regarding potential delays or unforeseen circumstances that may extend the length of time access to driveways is restricted.

The roadway reconstruction along Glenayre Drive is anticipated to begin following the Labor Day weekend.

Thank you in advance to all those residents along Glenridge Drive who will be without driveways access starting the middle of next week. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.